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Protecting your eyes from UV Radiation

There are many things you can do to minimize UV exposure and damage to your eyes and skin. It is important to practice these habits everyday to ensure that you remain protected from the damaging effects of UV.

1. Try to avoid sun exposure during peak UV hours between 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.

uv big 2


2. Wear 100% UV Protective, polarized sunglasses to protect the tissue around your eyes and slow down the process of cataracts. Sunglasses with high wrap like those from Maui Jim will help to do both.


3. Wear sunscreen on your face and body with high SPF and high PA.

UV and Vis Sunscreen

Watch a this short TED video on the benefits of sunscreen use:


4. Wear hats or use a parasol while outdoors.



5. Wear long sleeved shirts or long pants when possible

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