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Ordering Contact Lenses

Once a prescription and fit has been finalized by the doctor, you may order your contacts. We provide patients with a copy of all finalized prescriptions. We work hard to price our contacts competitively with other practices and online distributors. In addition, certain manufacturers offer a rebate on the fitting fee and/or a portion of the cost of a year’s supply of contacts when purchased through your optometrist. We also help patients follow-up with manufacturers to ensure that the rebate is properly processed and received.

Our Commitment to Patients

Vision Optique’s optometrists are contact lens specialists, and are especially experienced in working with patients that have various contact lens challenges. We pride ourselves on helping patients overcome those challenges so that they can enjoy successful contact lens use. We strive to be as transparent as possible and take all feedback very seriously. We want our patients to enjoy very successful contact lens wear, which is made possible by annual eye exams and contact lens evaluations in order to monitor eye health. We care deeply about preserving our patients’ vision!

For more information about the American Optometric Association’s guidelines for care of contact lens wearers, please go to http://www.aoa/org/documents/CPG-19.pdf.