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LipiView & LipiFlow

**We are pleased to announce that we offer LipiView & LipiFlow at Vision Optique!**

What is LipiView & LipiFlow?


LipiView is a diagnostic device that uses near-infrared illumination to image your meibomian glands and the oil layer of your tear film.

glands imaged

LipiView also measures your blink rate and blink quality. There are two types of blinkers: full and partial. Partial blinkers do not close their eye completely when they blink. There has been an increase in the amount of partial blinkers in the world with the advent and rise of digital devices (cell phones, tablets, computers, video games) in our lives.

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LipiFlow is a 12 minute treatment that helps to treat the glands that produce the oil layer of the tear film by applying thermal pulsations to the inner and outer eyelids. Vectored heat helps to melt and loosen the meibum. Your lids are then treated to a gentle massage that helps express and improve the flow of meibum from through the meibomian glands.


You will receive a numbing drop (the same drop used to measure your eye pressure at your annual eye exams) prior to LipiFlow. The 12 minute procedure is relatively painless. Many have described LipiFlow as calming and relaxing. The gentle heat and massage may even cause you to drift to sleep!

Watch as Dr. Owens receives treatment for his blocked meibomian glands.

Some people experience relief almost immediately. Depending on the state of the meibomian glands before LipiFlow treatment, there may be a need for a re-treatment.

Following the procedure you may experience mild redness as well as a period of temporary dryness while the glands work to produce healthy oils again.

Not everyone will experience of a large improvement in dry eye symptoms, as most of their glands have already degenerated. In those cases, treatment was deemed necessary to save the few remaining meibomian glands from complete degradation.

Click here to learn more about Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and LipiView/LipiFlow.

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