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Periorbital Tissue

Periorbital tissue is the skin surrounding around your eyes. The wrinkles situated at the lateral corners of the eyes have also been labelled as “crow’s feet.” Puffiness of the lower lid, also known as “eye bags” or “under eye lines,” are the result of a collection of fluid or fat in the tissue beneath the lower lid.


Wrinkles occur when the collagen in your skin breaks down. Additionally, decreased elastin production causes the tissue to wrinkle and droop.

There are several creams, lasers, and Botox procedures available to treat periorbital tissue. Treatments are targeted at rebuilding collagen, restoring elasticity, or relaxing facial muscles.

Botox injections can be utilized to decrease the appearance of crows feet by paralyzing the facial muscles. Botox takes 3-5 days to show improvement in wrinkles, but will wear off within 3-4 months.

Not so fond of needles? Consider Pellevé.

pelleve skin tightening

Pellevé is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes radiofrequency to apply electromagnetic waves in the form of heat. The heat stimulates collagen contraction and protein production without damaging the external tissue. The result is tightening of the skin via soft tissue coagulation.

You may see begin seeing improvement in skin tautness after 30 days. After 6 months, a fair number of people continue to maintain a decrease in wrinkles and an increase in skin tautness after treatment with Pellevé.


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