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How to Order Lumega-Z

What is Lumega-Z?

Lumega-Z is the medical food created to restore and maintain the Macular Pigment.  It contains all three Macular Carotenoids:  Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Meso-Zeaxanthin (in the center of the macula).  The supply also includes a robust complex of critical Micronutrients and Omega 3’s


How to Order Lumega-Z?

  1. Through their online store


  1. Call 1-800-873-5141 to order

You need a DAC (Doctor Authorization Code) to order online:  B24901

Read/Compare Ingredient List of Your Other Supplement

  • Lumega-Z will REPLACE your other general and ocular supplement. Please read and compare the ingredient list carefully.  If Lumega-Z includes ingredient in your other supplement, discontinue your other ones
  • ONLY take recommended amount, do NOT take more than the recommended dosage (1.5 tea spoon or 0.75 ml)
  • Lumega-Z is a highly concentrated and potent nutrients
  • Replace your old “fish oil” supplement with Omega Boost
  • Once the bottles are open, they need to be refrigerated (Lumega-Z is a liquid). Omega Boost can be stored at room temperature
  • Safe to order online and ship to your families (currently only US shipping addresses)
  • Can put Lumega-Z in your juice or smoothie, and drink plenty water


More about Macular Pigment and its role in macular degeneration prevention

Click here to learn more.


The Scientific and Medical Team behind the Lumega-Z

Drs. Richard Bone and John Landrum are among the world’s authorities on macular degeneration, they helped to discover the macular pigment and their protective roles.